Special Facebook Edition: 3/20/2014

Jean Marie Caterina posted on her Town Councilor Facebook page (public):


A couple of updates for folks. One, the bill that was proposing a casino for Scarborough was indefinitely postponed in the State Senate tonight. I did not support it for many reasons not the least of which is that Scarborough would have received very little from it. Two, I was not happy with the tone of public comments at tonight’s council meeting. I understand the frustration about the proposed dog ordinance, but to personally denigrate councilors lacks class. It does not help to advance your cause.

Good night all! I hope we have just rain

My response 3/20/2014:

Jean Marie, You are right that the responsibility for positive discourse resides in all parties. So, if the councilors are so anxious for a positive discourse, how do you account for the fact that I have emailed the entire council 5 times since December 5, and you are the only one who has responded to every single email, even if it is just a “thanks for writing” type of response? Of the rest of the council, Councilor Holbrook responded once, and Councilor Benedict responded twice. Other than that, All 5 emails have been met with complete silence by all the rest of the council. That is SHAMEFUL! As you said, positive discourse goes both ways and I’d say the council (aside from you) is failing their part of things.

Councilor Caterina’s response 3/20/2014

Thank you, Catherine. We can only work harder to improve communication.


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